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Temple Of The Dog
Temple Of The Dog
General Info:

Serial: 395 350-4
Format: Clear Cassette - Plastic Case
Label: A & M
Origin: Poland
Year: 1995
Updated: 12/02/2013 21:18:33

Images by: norman-grunge
Info by: norman-grunge


Manufactured in Poland by TAKT 181/F
Different Stamp On Insert
Different Letter on Hologram Sticker ('B' & 'C')


Side A
1. Say Hello 2 Heaven
2. Reach Down
3. Hunger Strike
4. Pushin Forward Back
5. Call Me A Dog

Side B
1. Times Of Trouble
2. Wooden Jesus
3. Your Saviour
4. Four Walled World
5. All Night Thing



Insert (Front)

Insert (Front) w/different stamp

Insert (Back)

Cassette (Side 1)

Cassette (Side 2)