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You are visiting the biggest Pearl Jam collectors’ community on the web. Here you will find presumably the most definitive Pearl Jam discography known to exist in one location. We have set out to provide the most accurate descriptions as possible for every item (both written and visual) to aid in understanding the minute differences between various countries’ releases. Our promotional item sections contain many of the rarest items known (and some not known until recently) to exist! This site is always growing as new items are released and discovered and very soon will contain some new sections regarding other official 'non-audio' Pearl Jam items.

This site is not affiliated with Sony Music, Epic, Monkeywrench, Universal or J Records in any way. The site is made by collectors for collectors. This is a non-profit venture between many collaborators from around the world. Our goal is to provide the biggest online catalog of official Pearl Jam items on the World Wide Web to use as a reference for collectors.

We are striving to have the best site we can achieve. If you find any item you own missing from the discography feel free to contact one of the administrators about contributing scans/photos and a description. We are happy to have help, and we will credit you in the item entry.

(We are working toward completion; as the site just went online, we have many items yet to be added. Please hold off on any requests to contribute until we remove this note.)

And most of all – Thank you for visiting the site, thank you to all the contributors, and a very special thanks to Pearl Jam for inspiring us…because they are the essence of all of this.

How it works?

PjCollectors is based on a proprietary and cooperative hand-made engine made by www.Xtatica.com that allows collectors around the globe to share images, info and experiences related to official Pearl Jam items. Contact us if you want to help.

May I use images form PjCollectors.com?

The site you are visiting is the result of more than a year of hard work and dedication
from many people. The images on this site are also not here for use in helping sell items on Ebay or other auction sites. Please do not take anything from this web site without consent from us. Use the contact form to ask for it. - Thank you!

Who you are?

We are a lot of friends involved in this project :
(Please contact me if you wish to appear in the following list!)

Víctor Nogales A. (aka VicSpeed)
Designer, site programmer and info/image uploader.
I am a Web Developer based in Madrid, Spain.

Personal Project: http://www.xtatica.com/
PJ Collection: http://www.xtatica.com/vicspeed/collecting/
Contact: vicspeed@yahoo.com

Norman Scholta (aka Norman-Grunge)
Info/image uploader
I'm a surveying technician and I'm based near Dresden, Germany.

Contact: norman-grunge@gmx.de

Davide Vania (aka Megadave)
Info/image uploader
I am an entrepreneur currently based out of Bari, south of Italy

Contact: megadave1975@alice.it

Paul Dalowsky (aka pdalowsky)
Info/image uploader
I am a Property Solicitor based in Yorkshire, UK

Contact: pdalowsky@yahoo.co.uk

iker Villamarin (aka Caraviex)
Info/image uploader

Contact: caraviex@gmail.com

Massimo Benedetti (aka Massimo)
Info/image uploader, PJVM info/image uploader.
I work in ICT in Project Management Area. I'm based in Padova, Italy

Personal Project: http://www.mbzone.net
PJ Collection: http://www.pjvm.net
Contact: massimo@mbzone.net

Brian Cochener (aka bc_indiana)
Info/image uploader.
I am an architect/designer currently based out of Dallas, Texas.

Contact: bc_indiana@yahoo.com

Simone Modonesi (aka Simopearl)
Info/image uploader
I'm an area manager for a publishing house. I'm based in Bologna, Italy

Contact: simonemodonesi@hotmail.com

Sam R. (aka Bu$hleaguer)

Info/image uploader

Bernd Deidda (aka Garden.Of.Stone)
Info/image uploader

PJ Collection: http://www.garden-of-stone.com

Fabien P. (aka Palavas)

Info/image uploader

Some other friends who helped with the site: (in no particular order of appreciation...):

Derik S. (Cropdustdair)
Fernando (HoraZulu)
J. Naranjo (Jotanar)
P. Lamban (Parapeio)
Joao (ForeverDrunk)
A. Mora (Drifting)
M.F. (Barney Gumble)
G. Reilly (Grdesigner)
Antonio L. (glorified79/stupidmop)
DirtyHank (EF-net Crew)





This site will be online until january 2025 thanks to
the following people:

A. Weinstock
A. Moureaux
D. Srdarov
S. Bowe
S. Pountney
P. Gaggero