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Green River
Dry As A Bone
General Info:

Serial: SP 11
Format: 12'' Black Vinyl - Picture Sleeve
Label: SubPop
Origin: USA
Year: 1986
Updated: 22/06/2009 08:10:54

Images by: Yuri, VicSpeed
Info by: Yuri


2 releases, exactly the same, except:
First 2000 pressings came with the yellow insert.
2nd edition pressings came with the pink insert.
Encryption in both releases in the vinyl:
Side A: "I tried to love life..."
Side B: "But it wanted to be just friends"
"Jacket made in Canada" on the back.


Side A
1. Unwind
2. Baby Takes

Side B
1. This Town
2. P.C.C.
3. Ozzie




Vinyl (Side A)

Vinyl (Side B)

Insert (Pink)

Insert (Yellow)