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Spin The Black Circle - Live At Soldier Field
General Info:

Serial: V.V.000001
Format: Double Vinyl - Gatefold Cover
Label: Vintage Vinyl
Origin: USA
Year: 1996
Updated: 22/06/2006

Images by: VicSpeed
Info by: VicSpeed / Bu$hleaguer


This live recording of the July 11, 1995 show at Soldier Field was released on both CD & Vinyl by the radio station KPNT-The Point. For more information on this release, read this interesting article from TwoFeetThick.com:



Side One:
1. Go
2. Spin The Black Circle
3. Whipping
4. I Got Id
5. Last Exit

Side Two:
1. Daughter/W.M.A./Another Brick In The Wall
2. Animal
3. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
4. Alive
Side Three:
1. Jeremy
2. Even Flow
3. Everyday People
4. Let My Love Open The Door

Side Four:
1. Rearviewmirror
2. Black
3. Yellow Ledbetter



Front Cover - Unfolded

Inside - Unfolded


Vinyl Detail

Vinyl Detail

Detail (Inside)

Detail (Inside)

Detail (Inside)