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Life Wasted
General Info:

Serial: 82876 84993 2
Format: 5'' CD - Digipak
Label: J Records
Origin: Europe
Year: 2006
Updated: 06/06/2006

Images by: HoraZulu, Stupidmop, Megadave
Info by: VicSpeed


Design and layout by Brad Klausen

Some copies were issued with info stickers.


1. Life Wasted (Radio Edit)
2. Life Wasted (Album Version)


Front Cover - Unfolded

Inside Cover - Unfolded

Digipak w/UK Info Sticker and Promo Sticker

Digipak w/UK Info Sticker (Sticker is Different!)

Digipak w/Irish Info Sticker

Digipak w/Israeli Info Sticker