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General Info:

Serial: SRCS 7525
Format: 5'' CD - Book Style Folding Case w/ OBI
Label: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Ltd.
Origin: Japan
Year: 1994
Updated: 19/01/2006

Images by: bc_indiana
Info by: bc_indiana


Same 34 page bound booklet as US release (except with Japanese info on back cover.)

Loose Japanese lyric booklet and postcard included.

Bottom OBI strip rather than spine strip due to the odd size format. (slightly larger than USA release)
Japan-13.5cm wide x 14.2cm tall (USA-12.5cm wide x 13.8cm tall).

Green promotional sticker on back cover, 'Sample' printed on center ring of disc.


1. Last Exit
2. Spin The Black Circle
3. Not For You
4. Tremor Christ
5. Nothingman
6. Whipping
7. Pry To
8. Corduroy
9. Bugs
10. Satan's Bed
11. Better Man
12. Aye Davanita
13. Immortality
14. Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me


Cover w/ Sticker

Inside w/ Japanese Booklet (loose

Inside (back w/ disc)

Booklet Text

Disc w/ Inner Sleeve

Disc Text