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1990-1992 Boxed Set Sampler
General Info:

Serial: SME-PJPRO-7
Format: 7'' Vinyl - Small Hole - Picture Sleeve in Plastic
Label: Epic / Legacy
Origin: USA
Year: 2009
Updated: 23/08/2011 12:53:45

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This set of six multicolored 7" vinyl singles was pressed to promote the Ten Super Deluxe Edition but never released. Limited to 200 sets

Side B is double-grooved with a hidden track, It Ain't Like That, which is Pearl Jam covering part of an Alice In Chains song followed by Eddie saying "Hello, this is Abe Vigoda and I just want to say that Alice In Chains rocks my world!"

Small hole and different labels.


Side A
1. State Of Love And Trust (from MTV Unplugged)
2. Oceans (from Ten Redux)

Side B
1. Deep (from Drop In The Park)
2. Evil Little Goat (from Ten Redux)

It Ain't Like That (Hidden Track)



Sleeve & Vinyl Label Detail


Gold / Silver / Clear / Red / White / Black vinyls