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Rough Mixes 4-26-91
General Info:

Serial: --
Format: Clear Cassette - Plastic Case
Label: Epic
Origin: USA
Year: 1991
Updated: 11/03/2009 18:24:47

Images by: Bu$hleaguer
Info by: Bu$hleaguer


This promo cassette contains rough mixes of potential album songs. These tracks are from the Ten recording sessions at the London Bridge Studios in Seattle that took place during March and April of 1991. They contain out-takes, countdowns, extra feedback, some guitar and drum parts that were later removed from the final versions of the songs. Background vocals are missing on some songs. The version of Oceans on this cassette became the remixed version featured on the Even Flow single.


Side One
1. Once
2. Why Go
3. Even Flow
4. Garden
5. Black
6. Oceans (Version I)
Side Two
1. Release
2. Brother
3. Porch
4. Jeremy
5. Breathe
6. Deep
7. Alone





Side One

Side Two