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Binaural Preview
General Info:

Serial: --
Format: 5'' CD - Die-Cut Sleeve
Label: Epic
Origin: USA
Year: 2000
Updated: 28/01/2008 16:28:38

Images by: Bu$hleaguer
Info by: Bu$hleaguer


This 4-Track Preview Disc was released by Epic during the production of Binaural as a preview of the new album. The disc contains a digital watermark designed to trace any unauthorized use. The tracks are all early mixes that differ from the final release.

1. Break Her Fall (2:27) - The song begins with cymbal count off and is missing Ed's scream. Mike's guitar sounds are much more distinct at the very end.

2. Insignificance (4:48) - There are extended instrumentals at the beginning of each verse.

3. Light Years (5:13) - The intro is extended and there are slight lyrical differences (it don't seem fair... for days to disappear...).

4. Nothing As It Seems (5:35) - Rough Mix


1. Break Her Fall
2. Insignificance
3. Light Years
4. Nothing As It Seems