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Bad Radio
Bad Radio (Yellow Insert)
General Info:

Serial: --
Format: Clear Cassette - Plastic Case
Label: --
Origin: USA
Year: 1989
Updated: 14/10/2010 08:21:35

Images by: norman-grunge
Info by: norman-grunge


Yellow Insert version

Hand made by Eddie Vedder and sold at Tower Records stores in San Diego.

Quote from Dave George (guitar play in Bad Radio):
"This is the original cassette insert for the only tape we ever officialy released. It was self-produced and Tower Records carried it for awhile. It actually sold out, and Tower actually paid us for it. Eddie designed the artwork and did all of the printing on the copier at the gas station where he worked. I imagine he probably doesn't do it the same way anymore."


Side A
1. What?
2. Believe You Me
3. Answer
4. Better Man (Live)
Side B
1. What?
2. Believe You Me
3. Answer
4. Better Man (Live)




Cassette (Side A)

Cassette (Side B)