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Vitalogy (Shinseido)
General Info:

Serial: EK-66900
Format: 5'' CD - Book Style Folding Case with Obi
Label: Epic
Origin: Japan / USA
Year: 1994
Updated: 28/02/2015 17:05:38

Images by: LostRebel
Info by: LostRebel


Standard US release but with DIDP number printed on the disc and Japanese Shinseido obi on the cover.

About "Shinseido" obi: Shinseido is a CD store in Japan. Due to the high price of the Japanese CDs, Shinseido worked with the record companies to import popular CD titles in order to sell them at a lower price than the Japanese pressings. Shinseido made special obis for these titles to give buyers information about the release.


1. Last Exit
2. Spin The Black Circle
3. Not For You
4. Tremor Christ
5. Nothingman
6. Whipping
7. Pry To
8. Corduroy
9. Bugs
10. Satan's Bed
11. Betterman
12. Aye Davanita
13. Immortality
14. Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me




OBI strip