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Ten - Legacy Edition
General Info:

Serial: --
Format: 2x 5'' CD - Slimline
Label: Epic/Legacy
Origin: UK / Germany
Year: 2009
Updated: 23/04/2009 09:16:50

Images by: Simopearl, Megadave
Info by: Simopearl, Megadave


2 CD Set promo for internal use of the Ten Legacy edition.
Some copies from Germany with 3 pages Factsheet with all the info about the 4 Ten versions reissue, Deluxe box included.
Some CDs are individually watermarked and on cds is printed the name of the owner. In the images the name (for privacy policies) is cancelled.
The printings of the cds is not done correctly but some words are written on the others



1. Once
2. Even Flow
3. Alive
4. Why Go
5. Black
6. Jeremy
7. Oceans
8. Porch
9. Garden
10. Deep
11. Release

Ten (B.O'Brien Remixes + Bonus Tracks)

1. Once
2. Even Flow (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
3. Alive (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
4. Why Go (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
5. Black (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
6. Jeremy (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
7. Oceans (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
8. Porch (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
9. Garden (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
10. Deep (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
11. Release (Brendan O'Brien Remix)
12. Brother (Vocal Version/previously unreleased/bonus track)
13. Just A Girl (previously unreleased/bonus track)
14. Breath And A Scream (demo/previously unreleased/bonus track)
15. State Of Love And Trust (previously unreleased/bonus track)
16. 2000 Mile Blues (previously unreleased/bonus track)
17. Evil Little Goat (rehearsal studio outtake/bonus track)


Ten CD

Ten (B.O'Brien Remixes + Bonus Tracks) CD

Watermarked CDs

Factsheet #1

Factsheet #2 & #3